Class Action Services

Class Action Services

Crawford's Class Action Services specializes in providing a wide range of comprehensive services designed to dynamically support and enhance the administration of class action legal settlements. We consistently administer large and complex class action settlements and generate innovative solutions for class action claims administration.

Services Include

  • Claims evaluation and settlement.
  • Secure online registration.
  • Publication of legal notices to potential class members, wherever situated.
  • Secure online "read-only" database viewing for the court and class counsel, if requested.
  • Website design and hosting.
  • Database design and management, including secure FTP exchange capabilities.
  • Claim form design.
  • Claim form distribution and intake via e-mail.
  • Multilingual toll-free Help Desk services for class members.
  • Multimedia public relations programs.
  • Settlement fund management.
  • Redress Programs as an alternative to legal settlement.
  • Settlement fund trust account management and reporting including residual disbursement.


  • Crawford has an extensive track record of administrated cases (over 50 court appointments as Administrator to date).
  • National reach and representation.
  • Access to all areas of legal settlement related expertise.
  • Customized web and claim form design.
  • Data integrity verified through comprehensive QA protocols.
  • Information security guaranteed.
  • Easy access to Help Desk services.
  • Automated database services create cost-effective, efficient process.

History of Quality Service

Since 1999, Crawford has administered the largest and most complex class action settlements in Canada. Our commitment to superior customer service and unquestionable quality has helped us earn the confidence of the courts and the respect of counsel throughout Canada and abroad.

All of our services are designed to be value added and are applicable throughout the entire process; from the onset of litigation right through to the conclusion of the settlement.

At Crawford Class Action Services, we have one focus: our customers. Every service we provide, including settlement administration, is customized to meet the needs of class members, counsel and the courts, based on superior customer service, process efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our capabilities are demonstrated in our track record of successful outcomes. Generating innovative solutions for class action claims administration requires an understanding of your needs. An organized new product development process does just that, and adds value for you, the customer.


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Class Action Services

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